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They're "officially" in....

Well, it's now "official"....As of today, I have new uppers, or partial dentures...and yet...it doesn't quite feel as strange as I might have thought or imagined, and because these are permanent, I can chew, even mixed nuts...though they have to be softened somewhat, but what the heck, since I haven't really missed them, but now as for things like apples, well...they may have to be softened somewhat, but otherwise, they seem to fit just fine, and when I talk, well, you can tell....


Yes...by the middle of next month, I will have a set of uppers, and it looks like partials on the lower.... And never, until now...would I truly be able to appreciate the importance of not just brushing, but also flossing, which I still can't seem to do often enough, and that I remember, when this dentist made a comment about how I didn't seem to like my teeth all that much, or that I really cared for them all that much, neither of which, though seemingly so, were quite accurate...since it was really never a matter of whether or not I liked or cared for them...but that I could never do that which is a whole lot more than that...which was to be able to appreciate such a wonderful set of teeth; that I did, indeed....

And well...now I have another shot at it, as it were....

Back Online...

And after five days of being without one...and which really wasn't all that much of a hardship...and soon, I'll be getting Internet access on the go.... But going to pick up the computer did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I made it back home eventually, but not without, unfortunately...a little theatrics of the most dramatic kind, of course...and which I usually get any pleasure, whatsoever...and all that just so that I can so many more rounds of Alternations Solitaire, and Netflix, of course....
Also, I'll be getting Internet access on the go....

Dentistry for the 21st Century...

I went to see the dentist yet again in order to fill what is said to be such a deep cavity, and though I didn't have an appointment, but I had to go since this tooth was acting up, as it were...but the fact that it's the only dental clinic in the Midtown area which takes Medi-Cal, there would naturally be stand-by's...and so I waited for at least three hours, but then when one of the dental staff came to call me back...I was expecting that they would do whatever they had to do.... Well...the dentist didn't, but what was most noticeable, is that I had be shot up at least FIVE times [though I suspect it was six] since the first injection went the deepest, and then the second one.... But after a short waiting period, I wasn't 'comfortably numb' [thanks Pink Floyd]...so then they had to do at least two more injections, but only half the dose of the first one....

So then...the drilling started and then the dentist would use one of those quite sharp things they use when they clean your teeth, and then he said that "we're done" meaning that he didn't get all of the debris; that he stopped just short of the nerve....

Cutting to the chase now....I'm just slightly better off then I was the day before yesterday; meaning that the needed amount of novacaine, and then after all this...I was told that the tooth will have to be extracted...but that I will have to wait until 7 April....

Well that remains to be seen.... And all this is from the good folks at the Sacramento Native American Health Center
Part of this dream included a friend of mine, but what's most interesting about this dream...is that I was living in an apartment right at the very base of the Washington Monument; so that each time would look out one of the windows, I would be looking straight up...but here's the really interesting part...I got to see the self-cleaning feature...and there were a number of vents that would open up about ten seconds apart in order for this special cleaning formula to cascade down the entire structure...so then...we now have, at least in my dreams, as it were...a major Washington, D.C. attraction that cleans and maintains itself.... And in this dream, at least...one can stand at the very base of the monument to watch the cleansing and not get a drop on you.... But there are other aspects of the dream that I can barely remember, but much less relate, unfortunately....but oh how interesting these dreams can be...and how nice it would be to remain asleep for days, just so to have one after another; much like your own series of films...or what have you....
Originally posted by phillipalden at Pic-Spam O'Day: SF Exploritorium - Phil in Monochrome:

Yesterday my friend and I visited the San Francisco Exploritorium on the Embarcadero Waterfront. The picture below is part of a display that shows how lighting can turn a room into monochrome:

Phil Monochrome

The Holy Land

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Israel is truly called the 5th Gospel. Here Bible pictures come to life, and each stone can tell a story.
Tel Aviv

The Jewish cemetery



About these stones – Jerusalem is a surprisingly cozy and warm city, thanks to sand-colored stones from which houses are made and streets are paved. I already saw narrow small streets in Europe, but for the first time I saw such extreme roads. It takes your breath away when you see these insteps, but, especially, descents.



For the first time I arrived during the transition from winter to spring and therefore I didn't miss the opportunity to take a photo with each floret.



Israel is absolutely tiny in comparison with Russia, but  nature here is unusually rich. For some days I saw the sea, mountains, picturesque valleys, fine gardens and the lifeless desert.

The Mediterranean Sea. I love this terrific colour!


Somewhere near Dead sea


Armageddon - the site of gathering of armies for a battle during the end times


The Sea of Galilee
Contrary to my impressions  of deserts there were no sandy barkhans. The Judaic desert looks otherwise.

In Israel you seldom meet dogs – generally only in Christian settlements because Jews and Muslims consider them  to be dirty animals and don't let  them in the house. But those we met were incredibly sweet and friendly.


He is very old, but looks like a puppy=)

A real cute puppy...


...who protects this birdie!


But, unfortunately, not all of them were happy to see us...)
I won't describe those inexpressible feelings which I had every minute staying there - it's too personal.


Russian churches are the most beautiful!=)

But I  know very well that even if I never ever go anywhere else, I've already made the most important  trip in my life.
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Today we are returning to Moscow's spring. Before us is a pretty interesting place is abandoned design Bureau is one of the famous factory. Although it was closed about 5 years ago, the preservation of the building is striking. Moreover, nothing and does not remind of 2000-ies. Time seemed frozen somewhere in the beginning of 1990s.

factory, stand up!Collapse )

Greystone's Last Stand

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Christina and I are very adamant about architectural preservation, and we firmly believe that there is simply no greater monument to a time in history than the buildings which they leave behind. Due to this, we are currently collaborating with the organization Preserve Greystone to create "Greystone's Last Stand". It is a film which will document these turbulent times for Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, and in the end, its final fate.

If we lose Greystone, it will not only be a terrible blow to national history, architectural preservation, and environmental accountability, but it will be a great disservice to future generations who will never be allowed to experience this monument to architectural engineering and psychiatric medicine.

Please, if you like what we're creating here, share it around. We want word to spread about the state's plan to level the old hospital. The demolition of Greystone will be an event universally regretted by future generations. What we have sitting abandoned in New Jersey is a historical gem. Something to be celebrated, not destroyed.